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Choosing a Pet

Taking the decision to look for a pet is a big commitment and hopefully the start of a long and happy new relationship. You probably have a specific species in mind and may even have your heart set on a particular breed or type. There are lots of things to consider about all aspects of buying a pet including where to get your pet from. Petplan works closely with thousands of breeders and animal charities across the UK and recommends you consider the following information before choosing which breeder or charity to buy or rehome your pet from.

Puppies and Kittens

When looking for a puppy or kitten it's important to purchase from a reputable breeder who has bred the litter themselves and the puppies or kittens can be seen with their mother. The adverts on this website provide an extensive range of information about the puppies and kittens for sale such as if the mother and/or father can be seen, whether the puppy or kitten has had health tests and if they will be sold vaccinated, wormed and insured. We recommend you review this information carefully when comparing available litters to help you make an informed decision about which breeder to purchase a puppy or kitten from.

All breeders who issue 4 weeks' free Petplan insurance agree to comply with the Petplan Breeder Charter which is designed to promote the responsible breeding and selling of pets. We work with thousands of fantastic breeders who provide healthy, happy litters and take great care to find good loving homes for their litters. However, Petplan are not able to visit or police individual breeders and therefore providing Petplan insurance is not a guarantee that the breeder is reputable.

Animal charities advise never to buy a puppy or kitten because you feel sorry for it as this just helps fund the breeding of further litters under the same circumstances. It's easy to quickly fall in love with a puppy or kitten but remember that any temperament or hereditary health issues that they have may cause you and your family heartache and additional expense. Taking time to choose your puppy or kitten carefully now can help ensure you end up with a healthy pet that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Rehoming Pets

Rehoming a pet from an animal charity can provide a great sense of satisfaction knowing you have helped an animal that for a variety of reasons may not have had the best start in life. This website allows you to search for rehoming centres to help you locate your ideal pet.

There are a range of organisations that rehome animals, from large national charities to people in private homes, endeavouring to do their bit to improve animal welfare. Petplan works closely with the Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH) and hundreds of animal rescuing charities to provide valuable support and funds to help the efforts of hard working charity staff and volunteers.

Many animal charities believe pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership and rehome dogs, cats and rabbits with 4 weeks' free Petplan insurance. If the adopter takes out a full policy, Petplan give 10% of the premium back to the animal charity the pet was rehomed from, and a further 10% each year the policy is renewed. Please note, Petplan are not able to police individual rehoming organisations and therefore providing Petplan insurance is not a guarantee of the standards of care or service they provide.