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    Camberley, Surrey

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    F2 Floodles (Girls £900/Boys £850)

    Camberley, Surrey

    • Advert posted: 10 October 2017
    • Advert ends: 29 November 2017
    • Birth date: 17 September 2017
    • Breed: Labradoodle
    • Litter: 7 Males, 2 Females
    • Coat colour: Brown or Black
    • Date available: 12 November 2017
    • Last updated: 10 October 2017
    • Type Of Sale: Private

    Litter Description

    Our beautiful and much loved pet Aisla, an F1 Floodle (Flat-Coated Retriever Standard Poodle cross) had a stunning healthy litter of nine F2 Floodle pups on Sunday 17th September. She had 7 boys (5 brown & 2 Black) 2 girls (1 black & 1 brown). All pups including mum have had been seen by the vet on day 3 and are in great health.

    Aisla, now 3 years old, was born a liver colour and has grown into her lovely apricot coloured coat (a mixture of brown, cream & white fur) that is low shed, whilst dad (also an F1 Floodle) has a more longer wavy coat (black) much like a flat coat retriever. Floodles’ coats are adorably soft and slightly scruffy looking. It should be noted that we cannot guarantee the shedability of any of these pups. Our dogs will require regular grooming and trimming about 10 - 12 weeks to ensure they remain tangle free and happy.

    Aisla is a lovely natured family pet who loves walks, playing, and cuddles. Aisla is very affectionate and has been easy to train with the help of our other dog Alfie. She loves puddles and following animal tracks when we go on long open walks. Fully grown the pups should weigh about 24 – 26kg top of medium size, beginning of large. We feed both our dogs a raw based diet.

    The puppies are brought up in our family home and handled each day by us and our children to ensure confidence and happiness. They will be wormed from 2 weeks of age and again at 5 weeks. We plan to raise the pups on high quality food, and they will be checked by the vet before leaving for their new homes. The puppies will go home with a blanket scented by their mum and a puppy pack/microchipped/1st Jab.

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